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Evan Gattis Hit A Home Run With One Hand Last Night

evan gattis one hand home run

by Tommy Gimler

Unfortunately, the Texas Rangers figuratively jammed his bat up his and his Astros teammates’ assholes during their 14-3 curb stomping. Sideways.

Getting Hit In The Nuts With A Baseball Is Still Hysterical In 2015

stephen vogt hit in the balls

by Frank Rhombus

Well, unless of course they were your nuts.

Dallas Keuchel Tells Mike Fiers He’s ‘Gonna Get Some Pussy Tonight’ After He Throws A No-Hitter

mike fiers no hitter

by Tommy Gimler

For starters, if Mike Fiers – the same Mike Fiers who for the most part sucked major donkey dick when he donned a Brewers uniform – throws a no-hitter, then throwing a no-hitter in the big leagues is no longer relevant.

Some Of C.J. Wilson’s Teammates Think He’s A Big Pussy

cj wilson pussy

by Tommy Gimler

If one of those teammates was Mickey Mouse, then that would be really embarrassing.

Here’s Jeff Bagwell Grabbing What Looks Like A Fantastic Tit At Last Night’s Astros Game

jeff bagwell grabbed his wife's tits at astros game

by Tommy Gimler

Astros fans are pretty happy these days now that their beloved team no longer sucks balls, but perhaps nobody is happier than former Astros stud Jeff Bagwell.

Who Goes To A Rainout In Southern California?

helicopter dries Angels Stadium field

by Andy Ostroff

On July 19, 2015, I was lucky enough to go to Anaheim, California to witness Tropical Storm Dolores cancel a professional baseball game in Southern California for the first time in forever.

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