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Here’s Jeff Bagwell Grabbing What Looks Like A Fantastic Tit At Last Night’s Astros Game

jeff bagwell grabbed his wife's tits at astros game

by Tommy Gimler

Astros fans are pretty happy these days now that their beloved team no longer sucks balls, but perhaps nobody is happier than former Astros stud Jeff Bagwell.

Who Goes To A Rainout In Southern California?

helicopter dries Angels Stadium field

by Andy Ostroff

On July 19, 2015, I was lucky enough to go to Anaheim, California to witness Tropical Storm Dolores cancel a professional baseball game in Southern California for the first time in forever.

The Astros Mascot Was Pretty Excited About Sunday’s Win Over The Yankees

orbit astros mascot boner

by Frank Rhombus

A lot of people in the Houston area are pretty excited about the Astros’ season so far, but perhaps nobody is as excited as the team’s mascot Orbit.

Arte Moreno And The Los Angeles Angels Can Go Fuck Themselves

hey hamilton

by Frank Rhombus

Arte Moreno and the Angels haven’t said these exact words, but they’ve said more than enough to get their point across: Josh Hamilton is no longer welcome in Anaheim.

Evan Gattis Has Struck Out Eight Straight Times, Is Pure Dog Shit Right Now

Evan Gattis 8 straight strikeouts

by Tommy Gimler

Yeah, that’s really bad. Even for the Astros.

2015 AL West Preview

cano hernandez

by Tommy Gimler

The Mariners might win the division, but it’s still Mike Trout who can plow my sister.

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