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Josh Donaldson Goes All Out To Preserve Perfect Game, Marco Estrada Loses It On Very Next Batter

josh donaldson marco estrada perfect game catch

by Frank Rhombus

Oh, and one lucky Tampa Bay fan got a face full of Donaldson’s junk in the process, which by the eighth inning must have smelled terrific.

If Pablo Sandoval Can Stop Eating For Three Hours Then He Can Put His Damn Phone Down Too

Red Sox Sandoval Baseball

by Andy Ostroff

The Red Sox benched the Pablo “Panda” Sandoval the other day for leaving the dugout – during a game, mind you - taking a piss and then going to his locker and checking out Instagram on his phone.

The Orioles And White Sox Are Playing In An Empty Stadium Today

orioles white sox empty stadium

by Frank Rhombus

ESPN’s resident twat Tim Kurkjian said on SportsCenter today that things at Oriole Park at Camden Yards were “unbelievably quiet” this morning. Um, no shit. There’s nobody there, brah.

Watch As This Mother Catches Her Kid Rioting In Baltimore

mom hits rioting son in baltimore

by Tommy Gimler

We’re not too dope when it comes to the whole street cred game, but we’re pretty sure this guy has about as much we do after his mom showed up where he and his boys were rioting in Baltimore Monday afternoon and whooped his ass.

Some Dude Shit Himself Before The Red Sox Home Opener

shit outside fenway

by Tommy Gimler

From what we’ve heard, the Red Sox home opener is one of the best days of the year in Boston. Well, unless you’re the poor bastard who just shit his pants in his car and then ran into a bar outside Fenway Park, leaving a trail of what looks like a half-digested bag of Fritos and orange juice combo behind him.

2015 AL East Preview

Red Sox Spring Training

by Tommy Gimler

The Tampa Bay Rays are going to be pure dog shit this year, and that means both of their fans are in for a long summer.

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