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The Cleveland Indians Are Hotter Than Kate Upton Scissoring Charlotte McKinney On My Wife’s Kitchen Table

indians win

by Tommy Gimler

That’s pretty hot.

Check Out This ‘Tribute’ Terry Francona Put Up On The Indians’ Scoreboard For Rays Manager Kevin Cash

kevin cash indians scoreboard

by Tommy Gimler

Wait, so you’re telling me there once was a player who was worse than Melvin Upton Jr.?

Juan Uribe Says They Don’t Make Cups Big Enough To Protect His Massive Dick

juan uribe hit in balls

by Tommy Gimler

Well then. It looks as though Juan Uribe’s hog is almost as big as his appetite.

Francisco Rodriguez Got The Zika Virus In The Offseason

k rod zika

by Frank Rhombus

Well, that sounds like something his Tigers teammates would have loved to have known before they decided to shower with him this spring.

Give Any Upton Brother Millions Of Dollars And They’ll Give You A Dick Sandwich

justin upton strikeouts

by Tommy Gimler

The 2016 MLB season might be younger than the kid who makes my boxer briefs, but it looks as though another Upton brother is showing the world he is nothing more than an overpaid pile of dog shit.

Tigers Outfielder Tyler Collins Gave Detroit Fans The Finger After He ‘Lost A Ball In The Sky’

tyler collins middle finger

by Tommy Gimler

If you’re friends with Tyler Collins, you might want to show him how to use a jackhammer.

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