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DUD MLB Preview: Kansas City Royals

Published by tgim on March 25th, 2014

by Tommy Gimler

Kansas City Royals fans should circle July 26th on their calendars, as that is the day Kansas City Chiefs’ training camp officially opens to the public. The Royals might finish in second place in a division weaker than Stephen Hawking’s legs, but they have no shot at making their first postseason appearance since 1985. And that’s because manager Ned Yost has no idea what he’s doing. (more…)

DUD MLB Preview: Minnesota Twins

Published by tgim on March 24th, 2014

by Teddy Westside

Mr. DUD Tommy Gimler asked me to write a story about baseball. I love baseball, but I certainly got the horseshit assignment of writing about the bummest team perhaps in all of the AL…and that INCLUDES the Astros. At least, well, for this year. (more…)

DUD MLB Preview: Chicago White Sox

Published by tgim on March 22nd, 2014

mostly a special to the DUD from Mandatory’s Gary Dudak, but a nice cheap shot forward from Tommy Gimler

We asked Gary Dudak to write a preview of the 2014 Chicago White Sox because he’s a die-hard fan, which is surprising considering he has a college degree. We think they’re going to be absolute pig shit and Dudak’s worst case scenario seems more like their best. Then again, we don’t know too much about Chicago’s South Side, and we’re pretty happy about that. Any crap, here is Gary Dudak’s preview of the 2014 Chicago White Sox: (more…)

An Umpire Took A Line Drive To His Nards Yesterday

Published by tgim on March 18th, 2014

by Tommy Gimler

Try telling umpire Brad Myers that spring training doesn’t mean anything, and he’ll probably rip your fucking nuts off. Now, on the surface that might seem like a slight overreaction, but after watching this video from yesterday’s Indians-Reds Cactus League action, you should understand why he’d go ape shit if you said something like that to him. (more…)

DUD MLB Preview: Detroit Tigers

Published by tgim on March 17th, 2014

by Tommy Gimler

Three consecutive AL Central and US homicide rate titles and counting, Detroit should have a little more breathing room this year. Well, at least in the Tigers clubhouse, as manager Jimmy Leyland and his Pall Mall’s have given way to Brad Ausmus. And while the Indians and Royals could make things interesting atop the division, we think Detroit still has enough bullets left in the chamber to shoot ‘em all down. (more…)

DUD MLB Preview: Cleveland Indians

Published by tgim on March 17th, 2014

by Tommy Gimler

The Tribe won their final ten games last year, and they needed every single one of them to make their first trip to the postseason since 2007. A return trip in 2014 isn’t out of the question, as most of their lineup is still intact from a year ago, and they have one of the best managers in the game. But if Cleveland slips this year, it will probably be because their pitching staff is a bigger question mark than Kanye West’s sexuality. (more…)