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The Day MLB’s Color Barrier Was Broken By…Babe Ruth?

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by Tommy Gimler

Some wrong answers should be worthy of losing every dollar you’ve earned to that point, getting escorted off set and being forced to walk Jefferson Blvd. all the way back to campus.

Three MLB Headlines We Could Have Seen From What Should Have Been Opening Weekend

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by Frank Rhombus

Life without baseball is just like any song from Lil Wayne: it fucking blows.

Here’s What Dallas Braden Is Doing With His Free Time During The Coronavirus Pandemic

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by Tommy Gimler

I’ve have nipples, Dallas. Can you milk me?

Unless Coronavirus Takes Out Kershaw, Betts, Jansen, Buehler, Bellinger And Turner, The Dodgers Will Win The NL West

clayton kershaw

by Tommy Gimler

Well, it’s official. Nobody on the Dodgers sucks.

Here’s Anthony Rizzo Taking A Shot At The Astros While Mic’d Up During The Cubs Game Today

Screen Shot 2020-03-02 at 5.05.49 PM

by Tommy Gimler

“Someone bang for me.”

Astros Players Might Want To Think About Team-Branded Ear Muffs This Season

Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 10.26.51 AM

by Frank Rhombus

You going to give the trophy back?

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