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White Sox Pitching Prospect Chucks Ball Clocked At 110 MPH

michael kopech 110 mph

by Tommy Gimler

One tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!

Matt Garza’s Offseason Training Apparently Includes Promoting Abstinence

matt-garza abstinence

by Tommy Gimler

Damn, Brewers fans. Imagine if he put this much effort into locating his fastball.

Shitty New MLB Hazing Rules Say Rookies Can No Longer Dress Up Like Women

david wright dressed up as a woman

by Tommy Gimler

But why, dad? Why can’t ballplayers dress up like women anymore? Well, son. I guess we’ll just have to live with the fact that everybody in this country has turned into a giant pussy.

Rougned Odor Apparently Has A Younger Brother With The Same Fucking Name And He’s In Deep Shit For Jerking Off Another Dude


by Frank Rhombus

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse for the Texas Rangers second baseman’s sibling, it appears as though the “victim” is a teammate who’s underage. Oops, Suzie.

Kate Upton Went On One Hell Of A Rant On That Twitter Thing Yesterday After Justin Verlander Missed Out On The AL Cy Young Award


by Tommy Gimler

Who knew Kate Upton had a big ol’ brain to go along with those beautiful big ‘ol…eyes?

Some Truly Remarkable Shit Went Down In Between The Cubs’ Last Two World Series Championships


by Tommy Gimler

Greatest. Game. Ever.

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