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Watch This Fucking Dork Miss Out On Three Consecutive Foul Balls At Last Night’s Yankees Game

yankees fan foul ball

by Tommy Gimler

Although, he looks like he makes enough money that the Jewish broad to his left is still going to blow him.

Evan Gattis Hit A Home Run With One Hand Last Night

evan gattis one hand home run

by Tommy Gimler

Unfortunately, the Texas Rangers figuratively jammed his bat up his and his Astros teammates’ assholes during their 14-3 curb stomping. Sideways.

It Was Quite The Shitshow At Progressive Field Last Night

indians fan foul ball off head

by Frank Rhombus

The gay Stone Cold Steve Austin took a foul ball off his dome, the dude running the fireworks set them off after a Royals player hit a home run, and the Indians lost the game, dropping them back below .500. It’s safe to say the Cleveland Indians and their fans have seen better days than yesterday.

Getting Hit In The Nuts With A Baseball Is Still Hysterical In 2015

stephen vogt hit in the balls

by Frank Rhombus

Well, unless of course they were your nuts.

Cal Ripken Sure Knows How To Make You Feel Old

cal ripken streak

by Andy Ostroff

I’m not as old as Cal Ripken, Jr. Or am I?

Here’s Pete Rose Betting On The Ponies At Mandalay Bay In The Middle Of The Day

pete rose gambling 1

by Tommy Gimler

In his defense, that 4-6-1 trifecta box was a fucking lock!

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