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Nails Is Nuts

lenny dykstra house of nails

by Frank Rhombus

Former MLB outfielder Lenny Dykstra has a new book available for purchase, and given the fact that he has the mental capacity of a nine-year-old retard these days, odds are he didn’t write it himself.

Ken Griffey Jr. Almost Convinced A-Rod The Mariners Had A Program For Auctioning Off Players’ Jizz


by Tommy Gimler

Based on the amount of drugs he’s taken over the last 20 years, odds are you’d be paying for blanks if A-Rod jerked off in a cup these days.

The Cleveland Indians Are Hotter Than Kate Upton Scissoring Charlotte McKinney On My Wife’s Kitchen Table

indians win

by Tommy Gimler

That’s pretty hot.

Re-Examining Why Clayton Kershaw Can Plow My Sister

clayton kershaw plow my sister

by Tommy Gimler

Both of them.

The Home Plate Umpire In The A’s-Angels Game Took A Bat To His Dome Last Night

paul emmel hit in head

by Tommy Gimler

That’s going to leave a mark. Immediately, in fact.

Check Out This ‘Tribute’ Terry Francona Put Up On The Indians’ Scoreboard For Rays Manager Kevin Cash

kevin cash indians scoreboard

by Tommy Gimler

Wait, so you’re telling me there once was a player who was worse than Melvin Upton Jr.?

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