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5 Bold Predictions For The 2016 World Series


by Tommy Gimler

It’s been 19 years since that turd Jose Mesa couldn’t get three outs in the bottom of the ninth inning in Game 7 for the Tribe, and the last time the Cubs played in a World Series, all professional baseball players were white. Starting tonight, something’s gotta give.

Charlie Sheen Wants To Throw A First Pitch At The World Series And That Sounds Like Something That Should Happen

rick vaughn has aids

by Tommy Gimler

I mean, why not? After all, we’re told he matured a lot over the winter. Apparently he’s bathing now.

John Lackey Always Has Been, Still Is And Always Will Be A Gigantic Turd

john lackey sucks balls

by Tommy Gimler

All is right on the North Side today, as the beloved Chicago Cubs curb stomped the Los Angeles Dodgers 10-2 in Game 4 of the NLCS last night, knotting the series at two games apiece.

The Cubs Got So Shithoused After Last Night’s Thrilling Win That One Of Them Fell Off The Bus This Morning

cubs player falls off bus

by Tommy Gimler

Thank God it wasn’t David Ross or he probably would have busted a hip.

They Are Running A Commercial For Blind People During The MLB Playoffs…On TV

non 24 commercial during mlb playoffs

by Tommy Gimler

I mean, what’s next? A wheelchair company sponsoring Al’s Run?

Things Are So Good In Chicago These Days That Cubs Fans Are Making ‘We Don’t Suck Anymore’ Parody Songs

joey busse we don't suck anymore

by Tommy Gimler

Of course in true Cubs fan fashion, it was written and released during the regular season.

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