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Oakland Pitcher Learns The Hard Way What Happens When People Don’t Do Their Jobs On Labor Day

athletics ball boy diving attempt

by Tommy Gimler

As an Oakland A’s ball boy, you have one job: Catch the fucking ball.

Texas Rangers Fan Celebrates Rougned Odor’s Walk-Off Home Run By Grabbing Some Tit On Live TV

rougned odor walk off home run boob grab

by Tommy Gimler

We should all be this happy at least three times a week.

A Venezuelan Winter Ball Team Offered Tim Tebow A Contract And Here’s What They Can Expect If He Signs It

tim tebow venezuela

by Tommy Gimler

I don’t care if the team plays in the California Penal League, offering a baseball contract to Tim Tebow is almost as bad of an idea as going bareback with Charlie Sheen.

Jeremy Jeffress Pissed Himself This Morning

jeremy jeffress

by Frank Rhombus

I mean, I get why he felt the need to drive home after hitting the Henny hard, as there are only a few thousand Uber drivers in the greater Dallas area.

Watch This Mets Fan Try To Out-Sexy Bartolo ‘Big Sexy’ Colon

shirtless mets fan bartolo colon

by Tommy Gimler

Just so we’re clear, pissing in the bushes at the Little League World Series when the line to the john is 40 deep is frowned upon, but this is copacetic. Good to know.

And Here We Have A Cubs Fan Getting Jerked Off During A Win Against The Brewers

cubs fan hand job

by Tommy Gimler

What an exciting year it’s been for the Chicago Cubs!

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