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Jose Canseco and the Galactic Beings


by Adam Pockross

What’s not to love about Jose Canseco’s Twitter presence? While most former ballplayers either fade away into obscurity, upper management, or the MLB Network, the former Bash Brother has stayed relevant by owning one of the foremost social media platforms around.

Clayton Kershaw And Mike Trout Are Your MVPs, Can Plow My Sister

trout kershaw sister plow

by Tommy Gimler

Clayton Kershaw and Mike Trout were named the NL and AL Most Valuable Players today, cementing their #1 and #2 spots on the list of guys who can run a train on my sister.

Is Pete Rose Handicapped Now?


by Frank Rhombus

It looks like baseball’s career hits leader has dibs on some of the best parking spots in Sin City these days.

Is This Fat Fuck Really The Best Guy Chevrolet Could Find To Present The World Series MVP Award?

Rikk Wilde

by Frank Rhombus

It looks like Rikk Wilde has just a tad more trouble with public speaking than he does finding the best buffet in town.

In Defense of Clash of Clans


by Eddie Bagelstein

Back in July, the Kansas City Royals were mired in a midseason funk. Among other issues, like having Ned Yost as a manager, the game “Clash of Clans” was taking much of the heat.

Eddie Bagelstein’s Top Five Royals Of All Time


by Eddie Bagelstein

The Royals have been so bad for so long that a lot of people forgot Kansas City still had a baseball team. It’s been 29 years since the Royals’ last trip to the World Series. Christ, Whitney Houston had the top song in America the last time this team won the whole fucking thing, and she’s dead now.

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