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The Dorks At FanGraphs Are Smoking Some Really Good Shit These Days


by Tommy Gimler

It’s not like we’re King Shit of Turd Island or anything when it comes to predicting the future, but are these nerds fucking with us?

The Argument For And Against Major League Baseball Reinstating Pete Rose

pete rose not reinstated

by Tommy Gimler

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred couldn’t give two fucks that Pete Rose is his sport’s all-time hit leader.

So, Don Mattingly Is A Goner, Right?


by Tommy Gimler

If the Dodgers have any shot of winning the whole fucking thing while Vin Scully still has a pulse, then somebody’s got to go.

For The Last Time Fucktards, Stop Bringing Your Infants To Baseball Games

blue jays fans throw beers baby

by Frank Rhombus

Wednesday’s Game 5 between Toronto and Texas featured some the craziest shit I’ve ever seen at a baseball game, including a 53-minute 7th inning that made me pee a little bit.

Here’s A Broad At The Astros Game Just Snorting Some Cocaine While Cheering For Her Team

girl doing blow at astros game

by Tommy Gimler

If you get off on watching videos of girls on the verge of losing their jobs, then this one should do the trick.

Imagine How Awesome The MLB Postseason Would Be If Baseball And Its Umpires Weren’t So Fucking Retarded

nlds game 2 slide

by Frank Rhombus

Imagine how awesome Major League Baseball would be if they had instant replay. Then they would never get any calls wrong. Oh wait…

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