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Royals Fan Celebrates Making The World Series By Yelling “Fuck Her Right In The Pussy” During Live News Report

royals fuck her right in the pussy

by Frank Rhombus

Eli Rosenberg sounds like the Jewiest reporter west of the Mississippi, and he had the task of interviewing Royals fans outside of Kauffman Stadium as part of KMBC’s live coverage of Kansas City clinching their first World Series berth in 29 years. It didn’t go so well.

Hell Has Frozen Over

ned yost

by Tommy Gimler

Thank Christ I didn’t make a bet with my fat fuck brother-in-law that if manager/dipshit Ned Yost ever took a team to the World Series, he could sleep with my wife. Because right now, I’d have to sit outside my bedroom door like Jaime Lannister while listening to somebody else take my wife to pound town.

Fat Fuck Royals Fan Wants Handsome Man To Take Her Fat Ass To An ALCS Game


by Frank Rhombus

Craigslist is the best, man. I mean, where else can you read about a smart Asian kid’s missed connection with a belligerent local at a San Diego bar while at the same time scoring a sweet set of used tires for just under sixty bucks?

Baltimore Vs Kansas City: A Closer, More Disgusting Look


by Tommy Gimler

Let’s be honest: The Orioles and Royals battling for a spot in the World Series was about as expected as the movie Ride Along making more than $130 million at the box office. Everybody else will be analyzing each team’s roster before making an educated guess as to who will represent the American League in the Fall Classic, so we decided to take a closer look at each city’s crime, unemployment, and STD rates before making our prediction. 

Hey Ladies! You Can Go To The NLDS With This Douche, But You’ll Have To Pay For Your Ticket


by Frank Rhombus

The nerve of this fucking guy.

Regardless Of The Outcome, Ned Yost Still Fucked Up Last Night And Royals Fans Still Hate Him

ned yost

by Frank Rhombus

Did anybody else see Kansas City Royals manager/turd Ned Yost at last night’s presser after his team’s improbable 9-8 extra-inning win over the Athletics? Was he wearing eye shadow? Either way, he looked like absolute shit, and that’s also probably the best way to describe the way that lucky fucker managed last night’s game.

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