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Michelle Ulibarri M-M-M-Makes Us Happy

Michelle Ulibarri

by Tommy Gimler

If all women in Utah look like Michelle Ulibarri, we finally get why Mormon men have thirty wives.

Megan Frazer is Mega Mind Blowing

Megan Frazer

by Tommy Gimler

Megan Frazer wants to be a physical education teacher, and that means adolescent boys across the country better get ready to bring an extra set of gym shorts if she lands at their school.

Anna Paulina Mayerhofer Has A Lot Of Letters In Her Name And A Lot Of Reasons To Fall In Love With Her

Anna Paulina Mayerhofer

by Tommy Gimler

Anna Paulina Mayerhofer is not only more attractive than any girl who has ever said one word to you, but she’s ambitious and, get this, she’s in the Air Force.

Paola Shea is Perfect

Paola Shea

by Tommy Gimler

Paola Shea is pretty unbelievable. She has been featured in Maxim magazine,, MTV’s Band of Ballers, Super Street Magazine (cover), MMA Sports Magazine (featured model),, Commercial Complex Magazine, and other ads, videos and campaigns.

Ashley Young Is A Winner…

Ashley Young

by Tommy Gimler

…and so are you for looking at her.

Last Chance to Win $100 From The DUD!


by Tommy Gimler

All you have to do is look at women, and vote for your favorite DUD eye candy so far! Think you can do that without your better half finding out?

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