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HardAgain Sounds Like The Perfect Masters Sponsor

hardagain masters

by Tommy Gimler

It’s the power enhancement you need for your #1 club.

9-Year-Old Kid Asks Jim McMahon For Autograph, McMahon Says ‘Can’t You See I’m Fucking Eating?’

jim mcmahon eating

by Tommy Gimler

Ask McMahon about it these days, and odds are he’ll “conveniently” not remember that ever happening.

The DUD Previews The 2017 MLB Season And Our Money Is On Yoenis Cespedes Getting Arrested First

yoenis cespedes

by Tommy Gimler

Although, we could see Tim Tebow getting pinched for taking a clubhouse circumcision a little too far.

The ‘Kevin Durant’s Leg Is Dicked And Some NFL Prospect Might Win An Island From Adidas’ DUDCast

kevin durant injury

by Tommy Gimler

Luckily, the Warriors have signed Matt Barnes to fill the void left my KD’s fucked leg. Wait, what?

MLB Win Totals Are Out And Some Of These Things Are Juicy, Bro

2017 mlb win totals

by Rakesh the Intern

If you think baseball games are long, try sitting through six-hour cricket match in Howrah without taking piss, bro.

Who Owns The Most Unfortunate Name In Sports History?


by Tommy Gimler

Having to walk around with a name like Brock Osweiler must be pretty damn awful, but it’s nowhere near as bad as some of these other poor bastards.

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