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Is This A July 4th Recipe Or Something Gross On Urban Dictionary?


by Tommy Gimler

Boston baked beans, anybody?

Here’s Jon Huck And Brady Matthews Talking Tiger Woods, Catfish And Strippers With The Runs

tiger woods dui

by Tommy Gimler

A true American Saturday, if you ask me.

Gronk And Cam Erotica, Masters Promos And The Wonderlic: The DUD Presents The Best Of The Fabulous T Sean

The Fabulous T Sean

by Tommy Gimler

Mmmmmmmmmmmm, well. Indubitably.

If You Were David Ross, Would You Rather Have Had That Dancer Fart Or Queef In Your Face?

david ross

by Tommy Gimler

If Grandpa Ross gets pink eye this week, then I guess we’ll know for sure which hole that came out of.

HardAgain Sounds Like The Perfect Masters Sponsor

hardagain masters

by Tommy Gimler

It’s the power enhancement you need for your #1 club.

9-Year-Old Kid Asks Jim McMahon For Autograph, McMahon Says ‘Can’t You See I’m Fucking Eating?’

jim mcmahon eating

by Tommy Gimler

Ask McMahon about it these days, and odds are he’ll “conveniently” not remember that ever happening.

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