F**k You, Aaron Rodgers

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by Tommy Gimler

Believe it or not, that did NOT come from the mouth of Danica Patrick.

Or Olivia Munn.

Or Aaron’s father.

Or Aaron’s mother.

Or Aaron’s brother.

Or Mike McCarthy.

Instead, it was perhaps the greatest ending to an interview on the four-letter since Jim “Chris” Everett flipped a table and stood over Jim Rome a la Ali over Foreman. Take it away, Kenny Mayne:

In case you missed it, Mickey Mouse and crew let Mayne go after he refused to take a 61 percent pay cut to do 14 percent less work. Man, this new math the kids are doing these days is fucked up…

Wait, there’s more: Somebody Had The Farts At The PGA Championship Today

You have got to see this shit:

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