Watch This College Baseball Player Run THROUGH The Outfield Wall Trying To Make A Catch

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by Tommy Gimler

Finally, we’re giving you that Wesleyan-Amherst college baseball highlight you’ve been craving for years.

Odds are before this month you probably best recognized the name Dylan Judd from the line, “Who in the hell is Dylan Judd?”

Welp, now you’ll know him as the poor dude from Wesleyan University who busted ass trying to catch a home run ball and then damn near busted his face – check that – busted every bone in his body when he wound up running through the wall.

Unfortunately for Judd, there must have been zero dollars left at Amherst to pay for a warning track or even a proper baseball diamond, and he wound up coming up somewhere between 30 feet short and not even fucking close to coming up with that ball. I mean, is that the town’s kickball field?

Any crap, we were able to get our hands on video of Judd discussing his injuries after the game. Enjoy…

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You have got to see this shit:

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