Some Homeless Dude Got By Security At USC And Made Others Think He Was A Football Player

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by Tommy Gimler

Not for an hour or two, but for a few days.

According to Scott Wolf (not the one from Party of Five but the writer from InsideUSC), a homeless guy recently got past USC security personnel and posed as a football player for several days. Not only did the guy eat meals with real players, but he also spent time in the jacuzzi with them.

How did security and the coaching staff finally figure out that this guy was living under a freeway and not staying on campus on a full ride because of his mad football skills? You guessed it – he jumped on the field and tried to field punts.

No, seriously. From Wolf’s blog post:

I’ve had several conversations with a USC campus security source the past 2 days and was told the following based on conversations with the imposter:

1.) The imposter actually shared a jacuzzi at the McKay Center with other football players.

2.) He ate at the football dining facility without issue.

3.) He also slept for some time at a suite in the Coliseum. He was known to USC security because he was caught at the soccer field (McAlister Field) on 30th Street and Hoover .

“What gets me is the guts the guy had to just walk in like he belonged,” said the security source. “He must have been a cool customer in the McKay Center. If he hadn’t tried to return punts at practice, he might still be out there because they might not have noticed him.”

Thankfully, we were able to get our hands on footage from the exact moment Coach Helton discovered the guy was homeless and not one of his players. Wait until you see how well the homeless guy played it off like he really was on the team.

Wow. Scary stuff right there…

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You have got to see this shit:

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