Win $69 If You Finish Atop The Daily Upper Decker’s Bracket Challenge


by Tommy Gimler

The Daily Upper Decker is back! Hopefully you dirty pirate hookers still know how to read.

It’s the greatest sporting spectacle in the country outside of the annual hog wrestling tournament in Crivitz, Wisconsin. Of course, we’re talking about the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, and we’re upping the amount of money you can win by 19 bucks this year.

Yup, we had a decent tax return. Thanks COVID!

All you have to do for your chance at a free 69 dollars is enter The Daily Upper Decker’s Bracket Challenge and win the whole damn thing! Here’s how you do that:

1. Make sure you have a Yahoo! profile. They’re calling it a Tourney Pick ‘Em or some shit, but it’s still something where you just fill out a bracket and then watch it fall to pieces on the first day.

2. Click on this link, and enter up to 10 brackets. Most of you are either unemployed our still working from home, so let’s be honest. You’ve got the fucking time.

3. Be sure that your real name is somewhere in the name of your bracket. Is “That Michelle Obama is one piece of ace” a great name? Is “I’m OK with just a taint tickle” a fun name for the rest of us to see? Of course they are. You’re hysterical. But we need to know who to pay after Gonzaga beats Michigan in the title game, so please, enter your real name, dad.

4. Tell both of your friends to sign up.

5. Along with the reboot of the DUD, we have also jumped back on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. So please don’t be a dick. If you’re on those social media platforms judging your friends, like us, follow us and judge us. Here are our links:

FACEBOOK – @ReadTheDailyUpperDecker

TWITTER – @UpperDaily

INSTAGRAM – dailyupperdecker

Thanks and good luck, hookers…

You have got to see this shit:

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