Angels Fan Sacrifices His Beer To Save Both Him And A Girl On Her Phone From A Foul Ball

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by Tommy Gimler

Sometimes heroes drink Michelob Ultra.

Look, odds are you missed Saturday’s spring training tilt between the Angels and the Athletics because you were busy doing anything else, but that means you missed a young man save not only his life but perhaps that of a young lady next to him who was knee deep in a game of Candy Crush or some shit by sacrificing his $12 can of suds when a foul ball came screaming their way.

Just how close did that young lady come to becoming uglier than shit? These amazing photos show it was pretty damn close:  

Sometimes heroes don’t get rewarded for their actions, but that was not the case this time around. Not only did a generous fan give him the ball, but the Angels also hooked him up with more beer and a bat autographed by Mike Trout, who can still plow my sister.

And who knows? Maybe a much-deserved handy or knob job also found its way into his Saturday night…

Wait, there’s more: Sometimes You’re On The Rams, Say That Jared Goff Sucks And Then Get Traded To Goff’s Lions

You have got to see this shit:

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