Jameis Winston Can Now See Street Signs Thanks To LASIK, Which Will Hopefully Also Help Him See Receivers On His Own Team

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by Tommy Gimler

If you’re the Buccaneers, I mean, where the fuck was this surgery two years ago?

New Saints quarterback Jameis Winston is a massive pile of pig shit. Hey, it’s not just me saying that. It has been well-documented on and off the field and then some over the last six years. Despite that, Winston still had a “lucrative” offer from Pittsburgh to join their squad, but he told them to piss off he could get a “Harvard education in quarterback school” in New Orleans.

Oh, and he also decided to have LASIK surgery in February so he could do the little things, like, you know, read street signs while he is driving.

So that’s good news if Winston takes a break from assaulting Uber drivers and gets behind the wheel of his own car. He’ll now be able to see who he rear-ended. However, odds are the LASIK surgery won’t be able to fix whatever this is:

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You have got to see this shit:

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