Forget Mel Kiper – The Only Video You Need To See Before Tonight’s NFL Draft Is Right Here

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by Tommy Gimler

Will the Dolphins put together the “mother of all trades” to get the number one pick in tonight’s NFL Draft?

Will the New England Patriots trade up to get Tom Brady’s replacement? Will the Denver Broncos select yet another quarterback who sucks balls? The answer, of course, is “Who gives a shit?!?!”

The NFL Draft has become almost as unpredictable as my ex-girlfriend’s period, so why waste every minute of this glorious Thursday afternoon listening to Mel Kiper and his bulletproof hairdo incorrectly predict the entire first round of tonight’s draft when you can be blown away from watching this clip from the studs over at the Sports Gambling Podcast?

So is “Truck Door” going to be the steal of the century tonight? Only time will tell, just like only time will tell if somebody’s real name in the 2040 NFL Draft will actually be Truck Door. I’m sure the boys over at the SGP have that at -120 for yes and an even +100 for no right now…

Wait, there’s more: Frank Caliendo Back Again To Save The Day With These Amazing Jim Nance And Tony Romo Impressions

You have got to see this shit:

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