Dion Waiters Has Smoked Himself Stupid, Thinks Michael Jordan Is Not One Of The Best Five NBA Players Ever

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by Tommy Gimler

Penny Hardaway? The fuck?

The argument that LeBron has surpassed Michael Jordan as the greatest NBA player has been heating up the last few years, with some citing that MJ wouldn’t have lasted more than a few seasons in today’s social media and watchdog atmosphere, you know, with all the alleged cheating on his wife and gambling with the mob to the point that it got his father killed and got him kicked out of the NBA. You know, that kind of shit.

But regardless of how Jordan spent his time off the court, there’s no denying that he was the greatest player of his era and easily one of the best three basketball players who ever lived.

In our minds, there has never been anybody better on the court, and we don’t even think it’s close. But to leave him off the list of your top five players of all-time? Well, that’s what is known to experts as “fucking bonkers.” So I guess the question we have to ask Lakers guard Dion Waiters at this point is, “How much dank did you smoke or eat this time around when you determined MJ wasn’t one of the best five players ever?”

I mean, at least Lou Williams let it be known that he was “trippin’” when he included Penny Hardaway in his top five. Good lord…

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You have got to see this shit:

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