Colin Cowherd, Who Once Said Mitch Trubisky Should Be The #1 Pick In The Draft, Now Says He Should Not Have Been The #2 Pick In The Draft

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by Tommy Gimler

Colin Cowherd made a case for the Cleveland Browns to take Mitchell Trubisky #1 overall almost three years ago.

Now? You guessed it – Cowherd can’t fathom how Trubisky was taken #2 overall by Chicago. Um, yeah. No shit.

Here’s the story featured at the end of that clip, one in which Cowherd claims the Browns should be massive pussies and select Trubisky with the first pick because “if you’re going to miss on a player, miss on a quarterback.”

The fuck?

It’s actually a toss-up as to which statement makes Cowherd more fucked in the head, suggesting the Browns should base their pick on eventually getting it wrong or saying the Bears dicked up taking him over a guy like Deshaun Watson three years after saying Mitch should go number one.

Cowherd is on quite a tear of bullshit recently, as not only did he miss badly when saying it was Alex Smith who led Utah to an undefeated season that culminated in a win over Alabama (it was actually Brian Johnson), but he also made the bold claim that the Patriots would not be pursuing Teddy Bridgewater, which the rest of us freelancers knew to be obvious and true given the fact that Teddy had already signed with Carolina.

Be sure to tune in to “The Herd” tomorrow, when Colin goes out on a limb and tells us why the Falcons were dumber than a box of shit when they traded away Brett Favre…

Wait, there’s more: Anybody Else Wish They Were Quarantined With Golfer Paige Spiranac Right Now?

You have got to see this shit:

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