Teddy Bridgewater Signs With Carolina, Colin Cowherd Says Patriots Likely Won’t Pursue Him

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by Tommy Gimler

Yeah, no shit.

Whether it’s Stephen A. Smith or Doug Gottlieb, it seems as though sports talk TV and radio hosts are saying dumb shit at a much higher frequency these days than in years past.

Well, it appears as though you can add Colin Cowherd to that list of repeat offenders. Earlier this month, the Sports Gambling Podcast’s Colby Dant pointed out that Cowherd claimed Alex Smith was Utah’s QB when they went undefeated and beat Alabama, but that obviously wasn’t the case. That quarterback’s name was Brian Johnson.

Today, he dicked up again. Check this out:

Of course what makes that dogshit commentary is the fact that Bridgewater has already signed with Carolina. Tough to get that kind of inside info unless you’re giving somebody millions of dollars a year, you know?

Be sure to tune in tomorrow to hear Colin explain why Aaron Rodgers will NOT be on the Chiefs in 2020…

Wait, there’s more: These Tweets About The New Rams Logo Are Pretty Damn Fantastic

You have got to see this shit:

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