Probably The Worst Call In College Basketball This Year

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by Tommy Gimler

The calendar has hit March, and that means many of you are starting to watch the game of college basketball for the first time since, well, this time last year.

There was one hell of a game that went down yesterday, as Utah State hit a late three-pointer to upset San Diego State and win the MWC Tournament and punch their ticket to the NCAA Tourney. It didn’t come easy, as not only did the Aggies have to deal with a tough San Diego State defense, but they also had to deal with at least one ref who made Stevie Wonder look like “Seer of the Year” with this call:

I mean, let’s find out who that guy is and make sure that if there’s an NCAA Tourney game in Spokane 11 days from now, he’s in Indo-Fucking-China. Good lord, that was pig shit awful.

Luckily for Utah State, it didn’t keep them from winning the game. Here’s that three-ball we mentioned earlier that sealed the deal:

Madness, baby…

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You have got to see this shit:

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