Doug Gottlieb Pulls A Stephen A. Smith And Tells Viewers That Kyrie Irving Makes The Celtics The 4th Best NBA Team

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by Tommy Gimler

It’s been about 24 years since Doug Gottlieb was charged with felony credit card theft, but it seems as though he’s still up to doing some stupid shit.

While it’s nowhere near as serious as using stolen credit cards to buy roughly a grand worth of merchandise, it’s still pretty damning in the argument that if you’re listening to Gottlieb expecting anything educational or useful, you too are a goddamn moron.

Here’s Gottlieb yesterday saying that the Celtics are his fourth-best team in the NBA right now despite the fact that Kyrie Irving’s return has made them worse. On the surface, the logic in that statement is severely lacking. I mean, you’re saying that a star player’s return has made them worse, yet you’re calling them the fourth-best team in the Association? The fuck?

What makes that notion even dumber is the fact that…wait for it…Kyrie Irving isn’t even on that fucking team. Dude now plays for the Nets, yet this dipshit is getting paid quite a bit to tell people otherwise.

The good news for Gottlieb? You guessed it – there’s still plenty of time left this week for Stephen A. Smith to have his “hold my beer” moment and make us forget that this ever happened…

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You have got to see this shit:

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