A-10 Tells Players To Do The ‘Bash Brothers’ Forearm Bump Instead Of Handshakes So They Don’t Get Coronavirus

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by Tommy Gimler

It doesn’t matter to us what you believe about the coronavirus, but this is indeed a “shit you not” story about it.

The A-10 Conference, which is actually relevant this year thanks to the Dayton Flyers being one of the best college basketball teams in the country, has come up with a “genius” plan to prevent the coronavirus from spreading amongst players.

That plan? You guessed it – do the forearm bump the “Bash Brothers” from the Oakland Athletics used to do after pulverizing baseballs over the wall in the late eighties instead of shaking hands. No, seriously:

Obviously the A-10 isn’t the Ivy League, but let’s quickly breakdown how fucking dumb this is. You’re telling us that it’s ok for these players to bump into other guys in the post for 40 minutes, box out, dribble and pass the same basketball, help each other off the floor, huddle up during timeouts, join arms on the bench, share water bottles, shower together, ride on the same team bus, bunk up in the same room at the Red Roof Inn and tag-team the same cheerleader, but they’re going to catch the coronavirus if they shake hands after the game?


Wait, there’s more: Josh Gordon Is Trending On Twitter After It’s Announced New NFL CBA Would Not Suspend Players For Any Substance Abuse

You have got to see this shit:

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