When Transporting 156.9 Pounds Of Weed Goes Horribly Wrong At The Mexican Border

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by Tommy Gimler

I guess sometimes making $29 million playing in the NFL isn’t quite enough.

Some people hear the name Greg Robinson, and they’re like, “Oh yeah. Big Dog. Number one overall pick for the Bucks. Fear the deer, brah!” Well, that’s Glenn Robinson, and you’re an idiot.

Greg Robinson is the former Auburn offensive lineman who was drafted #2 overall by the Rams in the 2014 NFL Draft and managed to hang around all the way up through last season via stops in Detroit and Cleveland despite the fact that he sucked balls. However, we’ll venture a guess that 10 years from now you’ll remember him for something else.

That something else? You guessed it – having almost 157 pounds of the devil’s lettuce in his SUV and getting busted by a Border Patrol drug-sniffing dog. From the fine folks at TMZ Sports:

Robinson — who was also with 26-year-old ex-NFL player Quan Bray — was stopped around 7:15 PM on Monday evening after a Border Patrol drug-sniffing dog alerted to the rear cargo door of their 2020 Chevy Tahoe.

According to the docs, Robinson and Bray were NOT reentering the country from Mexico — rather they were trying to get from Los Angeles to Louisiana and hit the checkpoint on the way. The agents performed a follow-up search and located several vacuum-sealed black bags full of a green leafy substance. Border Patrol tested the substance and it came back positive for marijuana.

BP says they also found 23 mason jars, a can sealing machine, an electronic scale, and $3,100 in cash in Bray’s jeans. There was a third person in the SUV — who was not charged. During the stop, Robinson and Bray allegedly tried to get that person to take the fall for the weed.

Now in Robinson’s defense, he’s a big motherfucker and likely needs to smoke a bit more of the tiggity than I do to fix his aches and pains and glaucoma and shit. But 156.9 pounds? Yeah, that’s a lot.

We checked with our legal experts here at The DUD, and they said, “Bottom line, he’s fucked.”

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