Not The Best Way For Blue Jays Catcher Reese McGuire To Introduce Himself To The World

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by Tommy Gimler

In some parts of Florida, you can punch your clown behind a locked door at an Econo Lodge for as little as 43 bucks.

Roughing up your suspect behind the wheel of your SUV in a strip mall parking lot? Well, that’s going to be a tad more costly. We’ll let TMZ take it from here:

TMZ Sports has obtained the police report from McGuire’s arrest … and cops say a witness told them the Blue Jays catcher had been masturbating in his parked car before they arrived on the scene. According to the report … cops say after they rolled up to the parking lot, they saw McGuire with his shirt “barely covering his genitals” and his sweatpants around his ankles.

They claim in the report when they got McGuire out of his car, he “had an erection which was very apparent.”
Cops say McGuire apologized to them profusely for the incident … saying, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, this is really embarrassing.” Cops say McGuire added, “I really shouldn’t have been doing that.”

In the report, cops claim when they got McGuire’s phone to try to find his current address … they noticed an “extremely pornographic video was playing on the screen.” Officers say they asked Reese why he came to the parking lot instead of just going home … McGuire responded that he “did not know, it just seemed like a good place.”

McGuire has played 44 games for the Blue Jays since 2018 … batting .297 with seven home runs.

Whoa! I mean, can you imagine the numbers this guy will put up if he plays in 130 games? And imagine if somebody would give this poor fucker his own room in Dunedin instead of making him sleep on the couch next to Rowdy Tellez…

Wait, there’s more: This Umpire’s Strike Three Call Is Exactly What MLB Needs Right Now

You have got to see this shit:

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