If You Had The First Half Under In The Georgia-Vanderbilt Game, Here’s How You Lost At The Buzzer

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by Tommy Gimler

Son of a bitch.

In what has to be one of the craziest days in college basketball history, the #1, #2 and #4 ranked teams in the country all lost yesterday albeit the #1 Baylor Bears lost in a thriller to the #3 Kansas Jayhawks. Still, the thugs in Vegas had to be loving the results from the college hardwood last night, especially when degenerates lose bets like this.

Here’s the setup. Georgia and Vanderbilt both suck balls at basketball this year. Over their last three games, each team’s first-half performances ranged from subpar to pig shit awful, averaging out to a c-hair less than 29 points per squad. So when the educated bettor saw a point total of 71 for the first half before Saturday’s matchup in Nashville, odds are he or she creamed their shorts with simply the notion of being able to bet the under there.

And as the final seconds ticked off the clock during the first half yesterday, odds are said creaming of the shorts continued with the total sitting at 70 and Georgia in control of the ball 90 feet away from their basket. Of course, then this happened:

Fuck. Me. Sideways.

It was a “double dick sandwich day” for those who also took a chance on Vandy to outright win their second SEC game of the year, as this was how the second half ended:

Hopefully for the sake their kids’ college funds, bettors didn’t try to get it all back later in the night with the Gonzaga money line. Or the San Diego State money line. Or, Jesus, what a night for the bookies…

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You have got to see this shit:

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