Proof America Is Still Great: You Can Bet On Whether Or Not Antonio Brown Will Get Arrested This Year

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by Tommy Gimler

Former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown is a lot like my grandfather’s eczema this time of year. He just won’t stay away.

But if you believe that some police department in this great country is going to be able to put him away for whatever batshit crazy antics he’s got left up his sleeve this year, you could seriously make quite the haul. That’s because the betting website OddsShark has now made it possible to bet on whether or not Brown’s shitdickery will get him arrested at any point this year.

We don’t even need to consult our gambling intern Rakesh on this one, as “Yes” at +700 is beyond juicy given that this clown can’t go 13 hours without saying or doing something moronic. Plus, Brown’s agent Drew Rosenhaus cut ties with him today and made a plea for him to go get help. I mean, if Drew Rosenhaus is asking you to get help, you’re really fucked up.

Put a hundy (which just for reference Siri likes to change to “handy” because she’s absolutely filthy these days) down on “Hell yeah,” and if our calculations are correct, you’ll be able to collect on this one by National Olive Day…

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You have got to see this shit:

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