It’s Tough To Be This Wrong On Live TV In Just A Matter Of Six Seconds

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by Tommy Gimler

Former NFL receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh appeared on FS1′s Speak For Yourself Wednesday afternoon. He shouldn’t have.

Speaking on the state of the Carolina Panthers offense and whether or not the Panthers should be all in on Joe Burrow in this year’s NFL Draft, Houshmandzadeh went all seven shades of stupid and said receivers DJ Moore and Curtis Samuel have done “nothing.”

So by Houshmandzadeh’s standards, Moore racking up 1,175 receiving yards (9th most in the NFL) on 87 catches (15th most) this year while catching passes from guys like Kyle Allen and Will Grier – both of whom most likely will be manning a jackhammer somewhere on the 405 outside Los Angeles three years from now – means that he sucks balls. Apparently the fact that only 23 players hauled in more touchdowns than Curtis Samuel is also pure dog shit.

In fact, both players’ totals are even more impressive when you take into consideration that the other 95 percent of the Panthers’ offensive plays went to Christian McCaffery.

As for Houshmandzadeh, who knows? Maybe when he blacks out he’s the exact opposite of Frank the Tank or smoking his entire stash of Purple Monkey Balls before going on the air was a bad idea…

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You have got to see this shit:

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