Even If You Hate The Vikings, This Was A Pretty Neat Moment From Yesterday’s Win In New Orleans

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by Tommy Gimler

You like that?!?!

Odds are if you’re an NFL fan and missed the Saints-Vikings game yesterday, you were in jail for a DUI or some shit, and your 2020 is off to a horrendous start. The rest of us witnessed what we believe to be one of the biggest upsets in recent postseason history, as Minnesota sent New Orleans packing yet again with a 26-20 overtime victory that kind of came as a result of the referees once again shoving it right up the Saints’ peeholes.

Now even the most casual of football fans would be able to tell you that Kirk Cousins has been shit on more than a girl locked up in R. Kelly’s closet since he signed that massive guaranteed deal with the Queens, and that’s why seeing this after their yuge win yesterday was beyond fantastic:

Yes, we do like that.

Of course, we were going to run a story on how awesome it was to see Josh McCown bawling his eyes out after the Eagles beat the Seahawks last night. That is until we realized the Eagles lost, and crying after you lose a game is some Little League shit, brah…

Wait, there’s more: Booger McFarland Is Back To Doing What He Does Best: Drawing Telestrator Dongs

You have got to see this shit:

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