Dude Unhappy With Pitch Thrown Behind Him Starts Hitting Catcher With His Bat

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by Tommy Gimler

If you thought things in the California Penal League can get out of hand in a hurry, wait until you see how they handle their shit in the Venezuelan Winter League.

Here’s Angel Nesbitt, who you might best recognize from the line, “Who in the hell is Angel Nesbitt?”, cooking with gas behind Alex Romero’s back. To say Romero didn’t care for that pitch would be a bigger understatement than saying I’d like to hold Kate Upton’s hand, as everybody knows I would eat pistachio pudding out of her poop chute, and I hate pistachio pudding.

Experts say that fines and suspensions are likely coming for everyone involved, although since it’s Venezuela, you never know. I mean, there is a slight chance that they all get dragged out to the center of the nearest public square and castrated…

Wait, there’s more: Cricket Player Takes Two Shots To The Giblets Yet Still Hits One Out Of The Park

You have got to see this shit:

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