Booger McFarland Is Back To Doing What He Does Best: Drawing Telestrator Dongs

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by Tommy Gimler

Forget Tom Brady’s pick-six. The biggest thing we saw during today’s NFL action was this massive yellow dick.

If you took a poll right now concerning Booger McFarland’s ability (or lack thereof) to call a football game, our guess is that 72 percent would say that he blows, 7 percent would accidentally check the wrong box and say that they enjoy what he brings to the table and the other 10 percent would say, “Wait, somebody named their kid Booger?”

So as you can see from that official poll, Booger McFarland sucks when it comes to announcing a football game on television. That is until it comes time to draw yet another massive cock and balls on your screen. Then – and only then – is he nothing short of the best.

“These two guys are cumming, and they’re both going to cum inside.”

I mean, hey, if he’s live-calling a chick being taken to pound town by two dudes on Cinemax, it doesn’t get any better than that. However, he wasn’t. He was calling the Texans-Bills game, and he sucked balls at it…

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You have got to see this shit:

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