At Least One Betting Website Thinks Tom Brady Will Be On The Browns Next Year

bald tom brady

by Tommy Gimler

Not every company tests their employees for crack use, people.

Despite the fact the Patriots are no longer alive in this year’s NFL Playoffs, that hasn’t kept them out of the headlines. The biggest story out of Foxboro? You guessed it – trying to figure out where Bob Kraft will pay for his next tug. The second biggest story? Naturally, it has to do with the dreamy Tom Brady and where he is going to be firing the pigskin next year.

And because America is the greatest, you can actually take the nine bucks you just made manning the fries at Culver’s for the last hour and throw it down on where that will be.

The Cleveland Browns, eh? Well, you’re fired.

And while seeing Brady and his massive baccarat addiction open the new Raiders stadium in Las Vegas next fall would be awesome, betting on that at +600 would be an even bigger waste of time and money.

That’s because Tawhm isn’t going anywhere, kids. Sure, you’ll hear stories about it every day for the next three months, but he’s not going anywhere. He’s as attached to that franchise as my neighbor is to the 99¢ Store. Good lord. I mean, either that or she uses the same plastic bag every time she heads to the corner to pick up chardonnay and a box of cancer sticks…

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You have got to see this shit:

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