NYC Strip Club Says Business Increases More Than 35 Percent When This Team Plays The Knicks


by Tommy Gimler

Hint: It’s NOT the Sacramento Kings.

It appears as though the crew at Fox News has finally come up with a story worth reading, and yes, it has everything to do with titties in your face. According to them, a tit bar named Sapphire Strip Club says that business really booms when one team comes to town.

That team? You guessed it – the only one with a logo that looks like a uterus. Of course, we’re talking about the Chicago Bulls, kids. Here’s a clip from the article:

The Chicago Bulls is the team that increases foot traffic the mostAccording to the Sapphire Strip Club, the Bulls bring in a 35.7 percent increase in foot traffic compared to a typical weeknight. The Los Angeles Lakers bringing in a 34.9 percent increase, the Los Angeles Clippers bringing in a 33.6 percent increase and the Houston Rockets bring in a 33 percent increase.

The Miami Heat (32.1%), Golden State Warriors (31.2%), Boston Celtics (30.9%), Utah Jazz (30.3%) and Denver Nuggets (29.6) are among the teams who round out the top 10 for the strip club.

Meanwhile, The Peppermint Hippo in the Bronx says their joint sees a 64 percent spike in sales when the Milwaukee Bucks come to town…

Wait, there’s more: Booger McFarland’s Out Here Drawing ‘Telestrator Dongs’ On MNF

You have got to see this shit:

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