Probably The Best Example Of How F***ed Up The NFL’s Pass Interference Rules Are These Days

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by Tommy Gimler

The NFL in 2019 is a pretty shitty product.

Exhibit A? You guessed it – Mitchell Trubisky versus Jared Goff in what is supposed to be your marquee game of the week.

Exhibit B? Well, you tell me how this was defensive pass interference during Sunday afternoon’s 49ers-Cardinals game. In case it’s not clear, Kyle Juszczyk and the 49ers (in red) were on offense when this happened:

Yeah, if that’s defensive pass interference then I’ve got a 10-inch hog.

It’s becoming damn near impossible to watch an NFL game these days without asking yourself, “What in the hell am I watching?” The amount of flags being thrown by referees this year is at an all-time high, and sadly, many of them are incorrect calls. And even when a miracle happens and every ref on the field leaves his or her flag in their pocket, they seem to miss obvious game-altering penalties.

Just ask Texans receiver DeAndre Hopkins, who was the victim of blatant interference committed by a Ravens defender in the end zone Sunday afternoon. Afterward, here’s what he had to say about it:

Mighty strong words coming from one of the game’s top receivers, although it’s hard to take a guy seriously when he is allegedly hitting up Instagram models and asking them if he and his uncle can run a train on them…

Wait, there’s more: Has Anybody Ever Done Something Like Myles Garrett In The Other Major Sports?

You have got to see this shit:

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