Listen To This Cleveland Radio Host Lose His S*!t After The Browns Suck In Yet Another Game

Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 7.40.11 AM

by Tommy Gimler

Keep in mind that it’s 6:20 in the morning, kids.

The 2019 Cleveland Browns are an absolute dumpster fire, even more so than the teams who only won game over a two-year period. I mean, nobody expected those teams to win.

Well, this year was different. At least it was supposed to be. And despite the fact there are still eight games left on their schedule, at least one Cleveland sports radio host is done with this team. Get your popcorn and a can of Schlitz and listen to this gem:

Pure. Fucking. Gold.

Perhaps finding a quarterback who wants spend Sundays throwing the pigskin to players on his own team and trying to win a football game instead of…wait for it…shaving three times during the game would be a good place to start in easing this poor guy’s pain…

Wait, there’s more: Was This The Best Celebration After The Nationals Won The World Series?

You have got to see this shit:

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