I Don’t Think Referee Clete Blakeman Is Going To Be At Jon Gruden’s Thanksgiving Table

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by Tommy Gimler

It was another brutal Sunday afternoon for NFL referees.

And unless you’re this guy who keeps betting and winning money on games officiated by Clete Blakeman, odds are you think he and the rest of the guys in stripes can eat a bag of dicks.

And if you’re Oakland Raiders head coach Jon Gruden, you have no problem saying exactly that to Blakeman’s face:

You don’t need to have a six-year degree from the University of Phoenix in lip reading to see that Gruden didn’t simply ask for Blakeman’s sister’s phone number. However, in case you couldn’t quite put it all together because you’re still a tad groggy on this beautiful Monday morning, well, he called him a “fucking cocksucking motherfucker” point blank.

It’s worth noting that Gruden’s outburst came early in the second quarter with the score still tied at 3 apiece and his Raiders would go on to give up 31 more points in a 34-3 defeat, so odds are it wasn’t the only time Gruden told somebody to suck a schlong on this day…

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You have got to see this shit:

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