When Being A Member Of The Bills Mafia Goes Much Worse Than Usual

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by Tommy Gimler

The Buffalo Bills defense brought their A-game to Nashville Sunday afternoon.

Their beloved fanbase known as the Bills Mafia? Yeah, not so much:

Is he dead? Great effing question. Here’s the answer per a friend of a friend of the poor guy on reddit:

This is a friend of a friend of mine and I was at this tailgate right behind where this happened. Got taken to the hospital on a body board — CT Scans showed no bleeding, only a bad concussion. They also thought he broke his wrists/elbows and it seems like he’s in the clear. So no serious injury, just a concussion. Big shoutout to the Titans fan service people — they were extremely responsive and fast to a very bad situation.

So if you’re keeping score at home, even if he doesn’t clear concussion protocol, we’ll say this guy is probable for the next Bills home game on October 20. After all, this is the Bills Mafia we’re talking about, not Sammy Watkins…

Wait, there’s more: Watch This Former UFC Champ Remove His Fake Eye During A Podcast

You have got to see this shit:

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