Troy Aikman And The TNF Crew Really Jammed One Up Broncos Fans’ Peeholes Last Night

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by Tommy Gimler

Referring to Joe Flacco as terrible is actually quite the compliment these days.

If you are a Broncos fan and watched all of the 30-6 ass pounding administered by the Chiefs last night, well, perhaps now you know what it feels like to be a member of Opus Dei, as the final three quarters of that contest were nothing short of torturous.

I mean, watching the game was one thing, but having to deal with Troy Aikman’s constant criticism of Flacco and the offense as well as several graphics depicting just how shitty of a judge of quarterback talent the great John Elway has been over the last six or seven or who gives a fuck years was brutal. If you missed it, here’s everything:

Well, that was just Aikman laughing at him, and that’s enough for us. If you’re a Broncos fan who missed the third and fourth quarters and want to subject yourself to the rest of Aikman’s commentary, it’s out there and easy to find. Just be sure to open a bottle or two of Tullamore Dew first to help ease your pain…

Wait, there’s more: They Are Literally Praying In Kansas City For Patty Mahomes’ Injured Ankle To Heal

You have got to see this shit:

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