This Nut Shot Was The Best Thing To Come Out Of The NFL This Week

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by Tommy Gimler

Hell, it might be the best thing we’ve seen all year.

Let’s be honest. The National Football League blows. If you’re looking for an exciting game of American football, you’ll have to tune in on Saturday.

That’s right, kids. Roger Goodell and his band of hoodlums have managed to transform what was once the greatest sport on the planet into a weekly soap opera that culminates in 60 minutes of referees – not the players – deciding what many are beginning to believe are scripted outcomes. In other words, they’ve turned it into a steaming pile of pig shit.

Goodell’s zebras littered the playing field with so many flags on Sunday alone that nine of the 26 teams playing finished the day with at least 10 accepted penalties on their resumes. Again, that’s accepted penalties. Maybe it’s just us, but throwing a flag every third play is a great way to get the majority of us with fully-functioning brains to either turn the channel or turn to our wives and say, “You know what? I will go to your friend’s baby shower today.”

In fact, it’s gotten so bad that this was by far the best play to come out of Week 5:

You really have to give it to the Titans player there, as that is definitely an effective way to bring your opponent to the ground. And hey, apparently throwing an elbow into an opponent’s yam bag is the one thing that is not a penalty in today’s NFL. Good work…

Wait, there’s more: When Being A Member Of The Bills Mafia Goes Much Worse Than Usual

You have got to see this shit:

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