These College Football And NFL Week 6 Bets Could Make Your Bookie Leave Country, Bro


by Rakesh the Intern

We have already made bookie our bitch. Now is time to send him running for border, bro.

It’s Week 6 of the shit from pig NFL season, but before we place bets on that rigged sport, there is plenty of Rupee to be won in this college version of the silly game of American football. Here is what I am thinking, bro:


Oklahoma (-10.5) at Texas

Check it out, bro. They call this one the “Red River Shootout,” which is exactly what I used to call it when my ex-girlie would get period. Sick shit, bro. All week long these turds in media keep reminding us that Texas has covered in six straight of these midseason meetings, and let’s just say that sooner or later the opposite is going to happen, my friend. It remind me of Cousin Anagi when she was in college. She would let something like 13 freshmen hopped up on Red Bull inside her at one time and just let them jackhammer away until they all finish twice. Twice, bro. Sick shit, my friend. Anyway, she would keep doing this like nothing bad would happen. Well, a little while later, her poon broke. Take Sooners to win and cover in this one, bro…

Toledo at Bowling Green OVER 65 Points

Listen, bro. This Bowling Green defense has given up something like 114 points in last two games. This Toledo defense has given up something like 80 in their last three games. Don’t be dipshit, bro. This one is almost as simple as Cousin Harish and he was born with just three-quarter brain. Load and lock up on the points in this one, bro…

Georgia State at Coastal Carolina (-4.5)

Let me tell you something, bro. One of the things we have learned watching this silly game of American football is that betting public is dumber than box full of goat shit. When Rakesh see that 74 percent of public load up on Georgia State to cover and another 83 percent put kid’s college fund on them to win, it is bigger red flag than girlie itching crotch for two hours. Line in this one has moved two full point already. There is reason why thugs in Vegas live in mansion while you live with grandma in Toledo. Bet against public and take Coastal Carolina in this one, bro…


Atlanta at Arizona (+3)

Seriously, bro. This shit from pig Atlanta team has proven time and time again that they suck balls, yet public continues to put millions of American dollars on them. Uncle Omkar used to say that public is much like Cousin Magesh, and he is retard, bro. Sad shit, bro. I like Arizona with the three point in this one, bro…

Tennessee at Denver (-1.5)

Check it out, bro. There was a Thursday night game several weeks ago in which this Titans quarterback was sacked something like thousand times. Expect much of the same in this one, which should be second-worst professional game on TV today. If league was smart, they would not show this one. You’re better off taking girlie to mall and buy her something nice so she’ll give up the poon. Then check phone while she is taking shit in restroom and watch Denver win and cover, bro…

Pittsburgh at LA Chargers OVER 42 Points

Listen, bro. Sometimes Rakesh has hunch, and that’s all this is. Good luck, bro…

2019 so far: 19-14

Last week: 3-3

NCAA: 12-6

NFL: 7-8

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You have got to see this shit:

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