Just Lamar Odom Scratching His Junk On National Television

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by Tommy Gimler

We’re a day late to the party here, but at least now you know for sure none of us watch Dancing With The Stars.

Thankfully, at least one of our readers does, and he alerted us to this fine clip of Erin Andrews sending the announcing profession back a few hundred years. Surprisingly, that wasn’t the biggest mistake caught on camera at that moment, as Lamar Odom said, “Hold my beer,” and decided to scratch his yogurt slinger in front of millions of viewers:

I believe it was the late Jimmy Dugan who said, “Well, anything worth doing is worth doing right,” and that might be. It’s just that you might want to wait to do it until they cut to a commercial next time…

Wait, there’s more: This Nut Shot Was The Best Thing To Come Out Of The NFL This Week

You have got to see this shit:

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