Did Nelson Agholor Intentionally Not Catch This Ball From Carson Wentz?

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by Tommy Gimler

Or is he simply a pig shit awful wide receiver?

The 2019 Philadelphia Eagles are seemingly a bigger mess than the one I had to attend to in my daughter’s diaper today.

It was rumored just this week that wide receiver Alshon Jeffery has been the one ripping quarterback Carson Wentz in the media, and while some have said that it wasn’t him, well, somebody fucking said it. Then there’s head coach Doug Pederson saying the Eagles were going to win, backtracking a bit on that but still saying they were going to win and then getting curb stomped by their division rival.

And then there’s the curious case of Nelson Agholor, who at least one Eagles fan thinks sucks so bad that he took the time to rip him a new asshole while he was getting interviewed about catching (unlike Agholor) kids who were jumping out of a building on fire. Now whether or not criticism that harsh was deserved before Sunday night’s game against the Cowboys might be something up for debate, but there is no doubting that it sure as shit rings true now.

There were a number of people who jumped on Twitter to question Agholor’s effort on a 60-yard bomb chucked by Wentz in the fourth quarter of Sunday night’s game. Here’s the angle that everyone watching at home got:

There were some who wondered how that ball fell to the ground instead of in Agholor’s hands for a yuge tuddy. Others wondered if he should have dived for it, and still others questioned if he simply missed where the ball was because he blows. Well, a new angle of the play was released yesterday, and let’s just say it does Agholor zero favors:

Also doing Agholor zero favors? You guessed it – his ridiculous explanation for not making the catch:

What. The fuck. Was that? Not even Roger Dorn sounded more pathetic when asked why he didn’t come up the ball.

Didn’t see it? Couldn’t get under it? My fucking ass. He clearly saw it, was under it, reached out for it and then simply pulled his arms back for reasons perhaps only Agholor knows. It is what it is? No, we don’t get where you’re coming from.

That, kids, is a man who looks nervous as fuck trying to come up with reasons on why he didn’t make a real effort to haul in that pass. Was it because, like Jeffery, he also hates Wentz? Was it because he had a nickel on the Cowboys or the under? Was catching it not in the game’s script? Or is it simply that Nelson Agholor is a massive turd who doesn’t belong on an NFL roster?

One more “effort” like that, and odds are he won’t be on one anymore…

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You have got to see this shit:

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