This Kickboxer Got Knocked Out So Hard That He Thought He Won

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by Tommy Gimler

Nighty night, rabbit.

Let’s be honest. Odds are you missed kickboxers José Maria Quevedo and Hakim Ketaieb do their shit in the ring earlier this week because you were busy doing anything else, but that means you missed one of the craziest knockouts in the history of the sport.

Watch as Quevedo gets knocked the fuck out by Ketaieb for a few seconds, wakes up and then parades around the joint like he’s the champion of the goddamn world:

Of course, it could have been much worse than Quevedo waking up thinking he actually won the fight. I mean, imagine the chaos that would have ensued if he would have opened his eyes and thought he was “acting” in a gay porn…

Wait, there’s more: Watch This Cocky Boxer Get Knocked The F**k Out Seconds After Taunting His Opponent

You have got to see this shit:

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