Poor Louisville Cheerleader Takes A Football Right To The Damn Face

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by Tommy Gimler

Labor Day sucked if you were rooting for Louisville.

Especially if it was your actual job to be rooting for the Cardinals:

Give me an L, give me an O, give me a U – have got to be fistfucking me.

Even worse than that poor young lady who took a football to her face? You guessed it – anybody who had the over in this one. Needing just 55 total points to make the bookies their bitch, over bettors were probably already calling up the local escort service after Notre Dame and Louisville combined for 28 in the first quarter.

However, since the Cardinals sucked balls for the next three quarters, their big plans up and vanished like a fart in the wind and instead turned into the usual evening of Jergens and a tearful climax. Our thoughts and prayers here at The DUD go out to all of you…

Wait, there’s more: Needing Just A Touchdown With More Than 9 Minutes Left To Play, Utah Dished Out A Giant D**k Sandwich To Over Bettors

You have got to see this shit:

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