Look How Much Fun They Had At The Eagles-Packers Game Last Night

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by Frank Rhombus

It’s going down!

For the first time this season, a Thursday night NFL game didn’t suck balls. Most of the Philadelphia Eagles walked out of Lambeau Field with their second win of the season, handing the Green Bay Packers their first loss of the year in the process in a 34-27 dandy of a game.

Meanwhile, a handful of Eagles and Packers fans walked out of the stadium in handcuffs. Here’s why:

And that, kids, is when you know you’re dealing with a Grade A shitdick of a human being. You quickly throw your hands in the air like a punk pussy when two officers arrive to break up the melee and then decide to call everyone else a punk pussy while you’re being thrown in cuffs. I mean, unless he was hurling those words directly at Packers tight end Jimmy Graham, it’s absurd and it simply solidifies the case that he’s a giant sack of fuck.

Now for those of you who had trouble determining which team each of the arrested individuals was rooting for, the shitdick yelling “Let’s go Eagles!” while being escorted away in handcuffs was obviously rooting for Philly. Meanwhile, the Packers fan was the one in jorts…

Wait, there’s more: This Kickboxer Got Knocked Out So Hard That He Thought He Won

You have got to see this shit:

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