It’s The Washington Redskins And NOT The Miami Dolphins Who Are The NFL’s Biggest Joke Of A Team

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by Tommy Gimler

The Dolphins might suck balls on the field, but at least they can still spell “Marino” correctly.

Odds are you missed last night’s MNF matchup between the Chicago Bears and the Washington Redskins because you were busy doing anything else. I mean, Mitch Trubisky going toe-to-toe with Case Keenum? Yeah, sign me up for a night of watching Bachelor In Paradise and eating to-fucking-fu with my wife instead.

In the end, it was the Bears capitalizing on…wait for it…five Redskins turnovers to win 31-15 in front of 67,000 assholes who continue to line Dan Snyder’s pockets for some reason.

There have been hundreds of reasons to stay away from this franchise for years now. Racism, a dump of a stadium in a dump of a town, and most recently, Case Keenum. But if that’s not enough, maybe it’s the fact that this team is a goddamn embarrassment of biblical proportions from the top (shitdick owner Dan Snyder) to the bottom (guy on the field asked to stir the Gatorade) that will finally do the trick.

Take last night, for example. Forget about the travesty that took place when the players actually took the field. Look what happened when they tried to honor one of the greats to call Washington home:

Ain’t that some shit. Dude spends seven years with the club and represents them in front of dozens of fans at the Pro Bowl four times, and they can’t even return the favor by spelling his name appropriately on a night they’re supposed to be honoring him.

But even worse than the technical director or intern responsible for loading Fletcher’s name into the system? You guessed it – the dude who was simply asked to wave a flag and couldn’t do that correctly:

And then there’s this. Now with all due respect – and I mean all due respect – check out this asshole:

Jesus fuck, man.

Of course, if you’re a Washington fan who’s still able to look at things with a “glass half-full” mentality, I guess it could always be worse:

Wait, there’s more: Bills Mafia Member Celebrates Buffalo’s 3-0 Start With Fireworks Show He Probably Won’t Remember

You have got to see this shit:

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