FIBA Basketball World Cup Announcer Can’t Talk After Camera Cuts To Gorgeous Brazilian Fan

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by Tommy Gimler

It would be like Chris Berman going speechless when the camera zoomed in on a ham sandwich.

Odds are you missed the FIBA Basketball World Cup game between Brazil and the USA this morning because you were busy doing anything else, like sleeping or still calling into a sports talk radio station to bitch if you live in Cleveland, but that means you missed what could be the hottest female fan in attendance at a sporting event in the history of sporting events.

In fact, the young lady was so attractive that the television announcer either had a stroke or simply forgot how to speak the English language for roughly five seconds:

Ho. Lee. Shit.

Hell, I had to go back and fix seven typos after watching that, so we can totally relate to the announcer.

Now the bad news is that Brazil is no longer in the tournament. The good news? You guessed it – Pornhub still works…

Wait, there’s more: Sometimes The Bears-Packers Game Is The Best Time To Tell Everyone You’ve Never Had Your Butt Fingered

You have got to see this shit:

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