Bills Mafia Member Celebrates Buffalo’s 3-0 Start With Fireworks Show He Probably Won’t Remember

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by Tommy Gimler

I told you! Ru-…oh shit.

The Buffalo Bills defeated the visiting Cincinnati Bengals Sunday afternoon (but they didn’t cover, those motherfuckers), and that means they sit atop the AFC East alongside the New England Patriots with perfect 3-0 starts to the NFL season.

And how did the greatest fanbase on the planet known as the Bills Mafia celebrate? Well, if you said three brothers ran a train on a former Miss Erie County runner-up on the hood of a Ford Focus, you’d be sorely mistaken, but probably not as sore as this guy:

Naturally, the first question we had after watching that was, “When is the funeral?” Well, it appears as though the dude was still able to walk away from that with a head and everything. How do we know that? You guessed it – the guy who sent the video to Barstool Sports confirmed it with the following text exchange:

Barstool: Is he alright?

Dude who sent video: We’re 3-0. He’ll be fine.

Meanwhile, they were celebrating in the streets more than 2,500 miles away in Los Angeles as well when the Rams also improved to 3-0 after defeating the Cleveland Browns on Sunday Night Football. Let’s see how that turned out:

Wait, there’s more: Bills Mafia In Effect As Infant Breaks His First Table

You have got to see this shit:

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