The Three Best Videos From Thursday Night’s NFL Preseason Slate

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by Tommy Gimler

Has there ever been more than four different penalties called on one team on a single play?

Sure, it was just the first week of the NFL preseason Thursday night, but odds are you tuned in in some way, shape or form because, well, it’s football, baby. And while Thursday night might have already marked the end of the season for some players (sorry, Jermaine Kearse), it also marked perhaps the craziest “opening night” in recent preseason memory.

Here are three of the best videos we saw from last night’s action:

3. Chargers commit four penalties on a single play.

Certainly beneficial to those who found a bookie to take action on the over for called penalties in the game. However, the most surprising part of this sequence has to be that Shawn Hochuli was able to remember every single penalty and the players who committed them without looking at his notes or some kind of chicken scratch he quickly wrote on his hand.  

2. Dude who lied to get a tryout with the Cleveland Browns returns a punt 86 yards for a touchdown. 

Long story short, Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi showed up to a Cleveland Browns tryout and lied about knowing Vice President of Player Personnel Alonzo Highsmith to get his foot in the door. Thursday night, he ran a punt back 86 yards for a tuddy. Even better? You guessed it – he tried the same thing with the Cleveland Indians last year, and it also worked out very well then. Here’s the footage from that memorable day:

1. Adam Gase took a hit of smelling salts before a…wait for it…preseason game.

Two things on this one. First, this guy might be trustworthy enough to coach the New York Jets, but there is no way in hell I would let this guy babysit my kid. Second, somebody better tell this guy that when he’s looking for a pick-me-up in Manhattan after the Jets win, he better make sure when he partakes in the the preferred method in that city that it isn’t captured on camera…

Wait, there’s more: Orioles Manager Brandon Hyde Finally Told Chris Davis He Blows And Davis Wasn’t Happy About It

You have got to see this shit:

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