Orioles Manager Brandon Hyde Finally Told Chris Davis He Blows And Davis Wasn’t Happy About It

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by Tommy Gimler

At this point, maybe Chris Davis should try hitting right-handed.

Look, when you’re a 38-76 ball club like the 2019 Baltimore Orioles, odds are there aren’t going to be many merry gentlemen running around the dugout flicking each other in their peckers and shit. You’re going to see things like guys with their heads in their hands while others are swiping right on Tinder hoping to get some fresh puss on the road after yet another embarrassing loss.

And oh yeah, you’re going to see manager Brandon Hyde finally tell his $161 million man Chris Davis, who’s been mired in a two-year slump of biblical proportions, that he’s the biggest turd on the team and shouldn’t be making anything more than 12 bucks:

That was hitting coach Don Long restraining Davis from ripping off Hyde’s balls and throwing them into Section 112. And based on the fact that Davis is hitting a pig shit awful .182 with nine home runs and just 45 hits to offset his 111 strikeouts, one could argue that that was the best job Long has done with him this year…  

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You have got to see this shit:

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