Doug Gottlieb Gets Crushed By Troy Aikman and Torrey Smith For Taking A Shot At Andrew Luck


by Tommy Gimler

There are massive tools on this planet, and then there’s FS1′s Doug Gottlieb.

The former college basketball player and credit card thief decided to chime in on Twitter in regards to Andrew Luck’s retirement Saturday night, and to say that it didn’t go well would be a bigger understatement than saying I would like to hold Kate Upton’s hand, as everybody knows I would eat a tofu burger out of her balloon knot, and I hate tofu.

Here was his “hot” take:

And here was the virtual curb-stomping that followed:

And if you’re keeping score at home, “cuntiest” is in fact a real word. Hey, the more you know…

Wait, there’s more: MLB Warns All Players To Stop Buying Their Boner Pills At Gas Stations

You have got to see this shit:

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