MLB Umpire Ejects Pitcher For Hitting Batter, Pitch Was Actually A Breaking Ball

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by Tommy Gimler

It’s not often you see a Major League hitter plead on behalf of the pitcher who just plunked him, but that’s exactly what we got during the Dodgers’ curb stomping of the Phillies last night.

By the time it was 12-1 in the eighth, odds are most Phillies fans were already punching their clowns to online smut instead of watching the game come to a conclusion. Hell, most Dodgers fans were probably there as well since the majority of them can’t watch them on TV the entire season. And that means the majority of baseball fans missed one of the craziest ejections in recent memory.

Before last night, you probably best recognized the name Yacksel Rios from the line, “Who in the hell is Yacksel Rios?” Well, Rios is apparently a big league pitcher for the Phils, although perhaps not for long after the turd inning he had last night. After giving up two doubles and a dinger, Rios plunked Justin Turner with an 85-MPH breaking ball.

No big deal, right? I mean, if you’re going to send a message, you make sure it’s 97 and right between his numbers.

Well, when umpire Doug Eddings is behind home plate, apparently anything that hits a batter is grounds for an ejection. Watch as Rios throws a pig shit awful breaking ball that hits Turner, Eddings tells him to take a fucking hike and then everybody - including Justin Turner – has to tell Eddings that he’s a goddamn moron.


Perhaps the craziest part of the whole thing? You guessed it – Angel Hernandez had nothing to do with it…

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You have got to see this shit:

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