Deion Sanders And His Son Had A Twitter Convo That Somehow Involved Jerking Off


by Tommy Gimler


Odds are you missed Deion Sanders Jr. tweeting, well, anything at all since he’s Deion Sanders Jr. but that means you missed him take a shot at his old man about punching his clown.

How did that happen? You guessed it – the elder Sanders tweeted what looked to be a simple inspirational message, and that somehow inspired his shitdick son to call him out for yanking his crank.

Perhaps nobody summed it up better than this dude:

In the world of much lesser sports news, the Clippers picked up Kawhi Leonard and Paul George today…

Wait, there’s more: All Hell Breaks Out At ‘Mountain Of Hell’ Race When Hundreds Of Cyclists Crash

You have got to see this shit:

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